Asiana Airlines provides various discounts and mileage accumulation benefits with the best domestic and international Asiana Club Mileage Partners so that our members can receive more benefits and practical service.

  • Partner Credit Cards
    International Partner Card Companies
    Korean Partner Card Companies
    • KB KB Card
      KB Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    • Shinhan Card
      Shinhan Card
      3 mile per 1,000 won
    • CitiBank Korea
      CitiBank Korea
      2 miles per 1,500 won
    • BC Card
      BC Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    • Hyundai Card
      Hyundai Card
      Maximum 3 miles per 1,000 won
    • Samsung Card
      Samsung Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    • KEB
      1.8 cross miles per 1,500 won
    • Lotte Card
      Lotte Card
      2 mile per 1,000 won
    • Hana SK Card
      Hana SK Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won/dd>
    • Kwang Ju Bank Card
      Kwang Ju Bank Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    • NH Card
      NH Card
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    • JB Bank
      JB Bank
      1 mile per 1,000 won
    How to Use
    • You can accumulate mileage with Asiana Club associated credit card.
    • Each card company deals mileage at different points. Generally it will be automatically accumulated in the Asiana Club member account shown in the lower part of your credit card after approx. 7~10 days upon payment of charged amount.
    • Mileage accumulation is not possible for membership fee, delayed payment, installment fee, and cash service.
    • Small amount of yearly membership fee charged by different associated card companies according to their own regulations are not related to Asiana Airlines.
    • Gold associated card issuance refers to Gold members that satisfy the credit card company conditions, while Asiana Club VIP membership conditions are separately managed under Asiana Club standards.
    • Detailed regulations of associated cards may differ for each company. Please inquire credit card companies for details.
    • Partner's location, telephone number, and details of the program is prone to changes without prior notice.
  • Bank
    Korean Partner Card Companies
    How to Use
    • As each partner has different mileage regulations, please directly refer to our partners for detailed information.
    • All currency exchange saves mileage only when you exchange won to foreign currency, and with your suggesting of Asiana Club Membership Card upon currency exchange will you save mileage.(cannot save afterwards)
    • As we follow bank regulations on further details of currency exchange and money transfer, please directly inquire our partners for more information.
    • Mileage saving point is prone to change depending on our partner's situations and will be reflected on your Asiana Club status in 1~2 months. Until your mileage accumulation is confirmed, please keep all related documents such as receipt, etc.
    • Partner's location, telephone number, and details of the program is prone to changes without prior notice.
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